The white gum is a giant at over 90 metres tall. When discovered in the 1970s it redefined the growth potential of the species. Until then White Gums were considered to be of average height at maturity. This grove of trees, called the "White Knights" is part of the protected Evercreech Forest of north-eastern Tasmania. Australia's extensive fires of 2019 reached into Tasmania affecting the region where these giants grow.

We do not know how their post-fire condition. For years Tasmania was a refuge for sustainable environmental practices. Unfortunately, clear-cutting of virgin forests has increased under recent governments.

Embrace real artworks that have profound meaning. Using state-of-the-art technologies the barked prints capture the natural world in brilliant detail.

Purchase a limited edition, high-resolution artwork. Prices shown are for unframed prints. For custom installations contact us for pricing and delivery options.

Recent clear-cutting of virgin forests near Tasmania's Cradle mountain (2019)

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