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Introducing the complex beauty of BARKED Artworks

Barked introduces a world where art and nature intertwine, where the majestic beauty of the world’s oldest and largest trees is captured. Experience the transcendental power of BARKED ultra high-definition artworks.

These remarkable works by our partner, visionary artist Robert Ouellette, are more than photographs—they are visceral experiences. Just as Mark Rothko’s color field paintings evoke deep emotions, Ouellette’s BARKED works bypass a superficial representation of nature to capture the essence of these magnificent trees. Nature is portrayed not as an object, but as a continuous, emergent force—an awe-inspiring testament to the interconnectedness of all life.

These breathtaking prints transport the viewer through time. Like a changing earth, the barked skins of the largest and oldest trees absorb and reconfigure the markings of their encounters with us. It’s a reverse pentimento—where, over time, new readings emerge from above, imprinted by the friction of our connection with the ancient, natural world. Each print tells a story—a unique narrative of resilience, adaptability, and the enduring relationship between trees and people.

Through ultra high-definition printing technology, every intricate detail of the bark is brought to life. Every texture, every colour gradient, and every subtle variation is faithfully captured, allowing you to immerse yourself in the purest expression of nature’s grandeur.

Choose from our curated collection of these extraordinary works and bring the essence of the world’s oldest, biggest trees into your world. Whether you opt for a large-scale centerpiece for a gallery or a smaller, intimate edition that adds a touch of natural elegance to a room, our BARKED ultra high-definition colour art prints transform space.

How did the barked project start?

The BARKED project began with architect and artist Robert Ouellette’s investigation into biomimetics. Robert led the global Zerofootprint Re-Skinning Prize under Founder Dr. Ron Dembo. The Prize celebrated innovative, world-changing ways to insulate existing buildings to save energy. Since tree bark is a natural, insulating “skin”, Ouellette started documenting the world’s longest lived trees to better understand their evolutionary success. Over time the project changed from a focus on utility to a focus on the intellectual, emotional, and spiritual benefits trees and forests offer us.

How do we select the trees?

BARKED project trees are the oldest, largest, and/or most unique trees in distinct regions of the globe. Many are threatened by a changing climate. Their legacy is irreplaceable. So far, our search for trees has taken us to Canada, the US, Australia, Mexico, Thailand, France, England, Scandinavia, Lebanon, Singapore, and Morocco. The next expedition will be to southern Africa.

How are the images made?

Using high-resolution digital cameras, we photograph a cylindrical section of a majestic tree’s trunk. Where possible the entire girth of the tree is documented. The resulting images are woven together using advanced software and then flattened into a two-dimensional image. Depending on the size of the tree, the complete, unrolled images can be ten or more metres long. We segment the longer images into modules of two metres wide by one high. Smaller, frame-sized editions are also available. The pictures are stunning to look at but they also capture a tree’s environment, life, and history. Art meets science. 

Where possible the entire circumference of a tree is photographed.

The resulting images are digitally fused into a flat, large-format print.

Become a project partner

Almost everything in life is better when done with other people. We invite you to get involved with the project by sponsoring the work, purchasing a limited edition print, or collaborating on a specific tree project. Contact us to discuss how to be part of the BARKED initiative.

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