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Preserving the beauty, myth, and magic of ancient trees


Robert Ouellette

We document the world's oldest and biggest trees to preserve them in a massively changing world.

Our tree expeditions to date

The world's ancient trees and forests are vanishing. Let's save them.

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The high-definition bark images by Robert Ouellette are breathtaking. He reconnects us to the intimate details of the natural world through large, sublime prints and environments.

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Seeing the forest through the trees . . .

Trees are the world’s oldest living beings. Their majestic beauty is a spiritual connection to an earth that sustains us physically and emotionally. We travel the globe documenting the rarest of these ancient treasures to preserve their legacy. A tree's bark tells the story of its life. Collectively, the images document the fragility of nature in an age of massive social and environmental change.

The bark images are made using advanced photographic tools. Where possible, the entire girth of a tree is captured in sections. The high-definition results are digitally stitched together to make seamless images. In a noisy, frantic world where everything is becoming a simulation, artist and architect Robert Ouellette's minutely detailed works return us to a quieter, pre-modern age.

The barked images and related artifacts are available in a number of different forms. Supporters of our mission can visit the barked shop for eco-fashions and other special items. Fine-Art collectors, designers, and institutions interested in carrying our work can contact us for more information.

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