Trees are the planet’s oldest living creatures. Their beauty inspires us. Their presence sustains our wellbeing. Imagine a world without them. The remarkable bark images collected here are a close-up look at some of the world's oldest, most majestic trees. Tragically, climate change is threatening many with extinction.

Artist, architect, and designer Robert Ouellette travels the globe photographing ancient trees. He uses advanced digital tools to reveal their life stories as told through the beauty and complexity of their bark. The images, when assembled, capture the full circumference of a tree and can be up to 10 metres by 2 metres in size.

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*the image texts are by writers critical of a modern world that debases nature.

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Mountain Ash, Australia

Douglas Fir, Canada

Giant Coastal Redwood, USA

Western Red Cedar, Canada

Montezuma Cypress, Mexico

Eastern Cottonwood, Canada

Tulip Poplar, USA

Dawn Redwood, Canada

Giant Redwood Stump, USA

Sugar Maple, Canada

Yew, England

London Plane, England

Morrison Tree, France

Red River Gum, Morocco

Lebanese Cedar, Lebanon

Ficus, Thailand

Kapok, Singapore

Canarie Island Pine, Australia

Mesmate, Australia

White Gum, Australia

Sessile Oak, England

The barked images are composites of dozens of photographs that are digitally stitched together using advanced software technologies. Where possible, the entire girth of a tree is documented. The large images on this site are just one segment of compositions that can be up to five meters long.

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