Ancient Yew, England-Segment 1


Order a limited edition, custom print of this ancient tree signed by Robert Ouellette. The 13×19 inch photograph is on high-quality, luster paper and printed using archival inks. It is an artwork meant to last a lifetime.


The ancient Yew of Crowhurst, England is thought to be 4,000 years old, possibly making it the oldest yew tree in the country. The trunk is hollow with a wooden door installed sometime after 1820. The tree may have played a role in Druid ceremonies on its elevated site well before the arrival of the Christian church to the area around 770 AD. Being in the presence of an ancient, living entity re-frames our perception of time and place in a way that is difficult to describe. There is a calm stillness under its boughs that is an antidote to our frantic, massively changing world.