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Our ancient forests and trees are vanishing.

We preserve their legacy. Join our mission.

We travel the planet documenting its oldest and most majestic living creatures, its trees. Sponsor one of our tree expeditions or schedule an exhibition of the photographs. A global audience will appreciate your efforts to celebrate the natural world. Scroll down to see where we’ve been so far . . .

time machines

The BARKED images bring art, design, and science together to capture fleeting moments in the complex life of ancient trees. We uses high-resolution digital cameras to photograph a cylindrical section of a majestic tree’s trunk. The entire girth of the tree is documented where possible. The resulting sequence of images are combined to form a continuous whole. Not only are the images beautiful, they also raise awareness of our fragile environment.

Barked photo in the Orangerie

Some of the BARKED images are up to ten metres long at 300 dpi. The digital files are massive. The process takes time. The results are worth the effort.

This map illustrates the locations of the trees we have documented up to January, 2020.

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